Go Go Fruit Squeezers

Recalled: Go Go Fruit Squeezers

sold at: Target Stores

recall date: 10/8/2015

For more specific information regarding this recall, visit the government agency or manufacturer website:

Product Recall Details

Target Item Number:
  • 231-20-0046 GOGO SQUEEZ VP Berry/Pear 6/12pk
  • 231-20-0079 GOGO SQUEEZ Apple Pumpkin Cinnamon 12/4pk
  • 231-20-0261 GOGO SQUEEZ Mango 6/12pk
  • 231-20-0432 GOGO SQUEEZ Apple Banana 6/12pk
  • 231-20-0460 GOGO SQUEEZ FV Apple /Carrot /MB 12/4pk
  • 231-20-0461 GOGO SQUEEZ FV Apple /Pear/Carrot 12/4pk
  • 231-20-0463 GOGO SQUEEZ FV Apple/Peach/Sweet Potato 12/4pk
  • Additional items included in the recall not carried by Target. Please refer to the link above for details.
Date or Lot Code:
Several date codes included. Please refer to the link above for details.
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The content of these pages represents only merchandise carried by Target stores or online on Target.com.  Refer to the full press release for information on all items, models, lot codes, etc., that are included in the recall.

Specific questions regarding this recall should be directed to the manufacturer, which can be located in the link above.  However, if you have additional questions you may also contact:

Target Guest Relations for in store purchases at 1-800-440-0680

Target.com Guest Services for online purchases at 1-800-591-3869

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