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The tax rate applied to your order will generally be the combined state and local rate for the address where your order is approved or shipped. Therefore, the tax rate applied to your order may be different for an order shipped to your home address than it would be for the same order shipped to your work address.

We try to estimate the amount of tax you'll pay as you’re placing the order. However, many factors can change between the time you place your order and when your order ships. This can result in your estimated tax being different from the sales tax we ultimately charge to your order.

Tax-exempt purchases will show an estimated sales tax at checkout and on the order confirmation email. Once the order ships, your invoice will reflect charges less the sales tax.

You can find the sales tax for your order in your Order Confirmation email or by reviewing your order history within your account. A breakdown of charges will be displayed within the order summary, including any sales tax, if applicable.

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Target charges sales tax in every U.S. state except those that do not have a sales tax: 
  • Alaska
  • Delaware
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • Oregon

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Target does not charge sales tax for gift cards. However, purchases made with gift cards may be subject to tax.
Additionally, some categories of items are not taxed in certain states. 

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Sales tax holidays occur in a number of states throughout the year. The most common types are Back to School, Emergency Preparedness and Energy Star. Stores in participating states don't collect sales tax, including local-option sales tax, on sales of specific items.

The following applies to all participating stores:
  • The exemption applies to each article priced under state limit, regardless of how many items are sold on the same receipt.
  • "Clothing" includes any article of wearable apparel, including footwear (except inline skates or roller skates), intended to be worn on or about the human body. "Clothing" does not include watches, watchbands, jewelry, umbrellas, handkerchiefs or sporting goods.

Visit your state's department of revenue website for complete details.

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Target will only set up a tax-exempt account for governmental, not-for-profit organizations, and other similar entities. Target’s policy is to not sell to resellers. Thus, resale exemption certificates will not be accepted effective May 15, 2015. A properly executed and complete certificate must be provided for your account to be set up as tax-exempt.

Setting up your tax-exempt account prior to making your first order will ensure no tax is charged on the order. If you place your order prior to receiving the approval email, tax will be charged. To receive a refund for tax paid on exempt purchases, please call Target Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869.

Target + orders don’t qualify for tax exempt status, as the items are sold by Target + Partners. International orders also don’t qualify for tax exempt status. 

To set up your tax-exempt account:
  1. Create a user account by accessing or downloading Target’s Mobile application. This account can only be used for tax-exempt transactions and cannot contain capital letters. *If you have a personal account, this account must be separate.
  2. Email the following to or fax to 1-800-758-3132:
  • Proof of exemption
  • Company / Organization Name
  • Name (Primary Purchaser)
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Postal Code
  • Phone Number
  • Target User Account Email Address (This will be the account you create for only tax-exempt orders)
    • This email address cannot be used to place personal orders and cannot contain capital letters
  • Organization Type: (Non-Profit Organization or Government)
  1. Target is willing to set up tax exempt status for multiple users within one organization. Please keep in mind that each user will need to be set up separately on their own account. If you would like to setup multiple users, please submit all of the required information for each individual user.
  2. Proof of exemption must include a copy of your exemption certificate or other acceptable proof of exempt status in the state where the items will be shipped per below. You'll be notified via email once your tax exempt request has been approved. It may take up to 10 business days.

After approval, all subsequent purchases made with the account will be tax-free as long as valid proof of exemption is on file for the state(s) where the items will be shipped. Additional documentation may be required if you ship to a different state.

Single use certificates are only sufficient for a one-time tax refund request for an existing order as a courtesy, and they are not sufficient for multiple orders. To remain tax-exempt for every order, submit a blanket certificate or other acceptable proof of exempt status in the state where the items will be shipped. Additionally, any omission of information on your exemption certification (signature, date, not checking every applicable box) will result in a request for you to resubmit your request.

Target is no longer able to accept GSA Smart Pay Cards for tax-exempt purchases on Target’s new tax-exempt accounts are setup based on the associated Target user account email address and can no longer be linked directly to a tender type.

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Effective June 30, 2017, orders shipped to Puerto Rico will be charged a sales tax. While “estimated tax” may not be provided at checkout or in your order acknowledgement email, the sales tax will be reflected at the time of the order invoice and within your shipping confirmation email. 

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