Track an Order

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  1. Visit the find your order page.
  2. Enter your order information or sign in to locate your order.
  3. Select the item or order you wish to track.
  4. Select track shipment.

Please note that tracking data can take 24 hours to appear after your purchase.
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Sometimes tracking information doesn't update right away. Check the shipper's website periodically for updates. Due to carrier capabilities, some orders can’t be tracked online. Refer to your ship notification for an estimated delivery date.

If you received a tracking number that is invalid, it’s possible the shipper has changed. See the sample tracking numbers below to ensure you’re tracking your order using the correct shipping website.

If you already know your tracking number, you can follow the links below to track your order.
Phone: 1-800-742-5877
Sample Tracking: 1Z9999999999999999 (18 alpha-numeric characters)
Phone: 1-800-500-2224
Sample Tracking: 9102109109109109109109 (22 characters)
Phone: 1-800-222-1811
Sample Tracking: 91122334455667788990011 (22 characters)
Phone: 1-800-463-3339
FedEx Express: Typically 12 characters
FedEx Ground: Typically 12-15 characters

Sample Tracking: 9999999 (7 characters)
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Shippers sometimes reuse tracking numbers after a shipment has been delivered. When this happens, the shipper's website may show the previous delivery's status, which will make it appear as if your order was delivered prior to your order date. Check again in 24-48 hours and the website should update with your shipping information.
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When you place an order on, you'll receive an email acknowledging your order and another email once the order has shipped. The emails will provide an estimated delivery date range that indicates when we believe we'll be able to fulfill your order. We're not able to provide an exact delivery date due to product availability, guest location and shipping method.
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You can track the progress of your international packages at
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An order is considered 'in transit' from the moment it leaves the warehouse until it's delivered.
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EFW will contact you prior to any delivery attempts. If you selected “To-the-Door” delivery, there is no need to be present at the time of delivery, and no signature is required.

For items that require a signature upon delivery, UPS™/FedEx® will make up to three delivery attempts, depending on the service level used. The driver will leave a delivery notice for each attempt with additional information. The package will be returned to the sender/shipper if delivery is unsuccessful after the third attempt or if you don’t pick up from a pickup location within a specific time.
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If we're not able to fulfill an order by the estimated date range, we'll send an email with the new estimated delivery date. Changes to your shipment may be due to weather, natural disasters, logistics or transportation issues or inventory issues.

Sign into your account or find your order for order status information or track your order on the shipper's website:
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If your order status indicates "delivered," but you haven't received your package, contact the shipper for more information. You may also want to try the following:
  • Double check your porch or garage.
  • Ask your neighbors.
  • Ask your building manager.
  • Check your mailroom or receiving department (if your order shipped to a business address).
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'Backordered' means there's a delay on your order because an item is temporarily out of stock. The item will ship as soon as it's in stock.
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'Exception' or 'delivery exception' on your order status means the shipment experienced a change in the delivery schedule that may change or delay the expected delivery date. This may indicate your order was:
  • Damaged during shipment.
  • Rerouted or intercepted.
  • Assigned a Tracer Request to help locate the package.
  • Undeliverable, possibly due to an unknown address or missing/damaged label.
  • A 'Signature Required' order and a signature wasn't received.

Call Target Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869 for help with your order.
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Upon tracking your order you may notice the status indicates one of the following:
  • Damaged in transit
  • Damage reported
  • Attempt - contact refused shipment
  • Contact/consignee refused shipment at pre-call

If your order status indicates damage during shipment or the shipper has stopped delivery, or if you received an order that was damaged during shipment, call Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869. We can help with refunding or replacing your order.
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Tracking information is only available for gift card orders placed using premium or express shipping. Tracking information can be found within your shipping notification email or by logging into your account and viewing your order history. For information or questions about your order, call Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869.
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