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All guests who have made an electronics purchase from Target are welcome to enjoy Target Tech support. Target Tech support offers free pre-purchase guidance, post-purchase troubleshooting, setup assistance and connectivity help for electronic items purchased from Target. Call myTGTtech at 1-877-698-4883 from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. (CT), seven days a week.

Some of the things you can get help with include:
  • Setting up your new Smart TV
  • Adding new devices to your network
  • Product expertise before you purchase 
  • Scheduling your delivery

MyTGTtech does not support the following: 
  • Other non-troubleshooting related items, such as camera cases, batteries, etc.
  • Mobile/Wireless/Phone cards
  • Return policy support issues
  • Store shopping experiences
  • Known product defects (contact manufacturer)

You can help us by having the following information available when you call: 
  • packing slip or receipt
  • Model number 
  • Serial number 
  • Purchase date
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We can help with just about any question you may have including:
  • Cameras and camcorders: Install software related to your camera.
  • Computers: Help set up or add your new computer to your network.
  • Gaming Systems: Add your device to your network.
  • iPod and MP3 Players: Help you get started on app installation.
  • Smart TVs: Connect your new Smart TV to your network or ensure you have all the necessary cables, etc.

This service doesn't expire. We're here to help you for the life of the product.
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