What is the $25 minimum purchase threshold?

What is the $25 minimum purchase threshold?

Lower priced items are often cost-prohibitive to ship on their own. The $25 minimum purchase threshold allows us to offer a broader range of items for shipping, including smaller, more convenient sizes. 

Select items on Target.com may be noted “only ships with $25 orders.” When purchasing these items, your cart must have a merchandise subtotal of $25 or more before the order is eligible for shipping. Your REDcard discount, promotions, gift wrap, tax, shipping, and handling charges will not be included in determining your merchandise subtotal. While applying promotions and discounts may allow your cart total to fall below $25, you’ll still be eligible to receive shipping on these items.

If you’ve added items to your cart that only ship with $25 orders, messaging within the cart and checkout pages will share your progress in meeting the threshold and provide options for alternate fulfillment methods such as Order Pickup. To reach the $25 minimum threshold, you can increase the quantity of items in your cart or add additional items to your cart. If available, you can also select Order Pickup to avoid having to meet the minimum threshold. 

If your cart doesn’t meet the $25 threshold, you can still place your order for eligible-to-ship items. To proceed with checkout, items that only ship with $25 orders will need to be saved for future purchase by selecting save for later next to the item in your cart. 

Some items noted as “only ships with $25 orders” may also be eligible for subscription orders. When these items are purchased using our subscriptions program, the $25 threshold doesn’t apply. If you choose the one-time purchase option for these items, the $25 threshold applies.

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