Solicitation policy

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Target has a long-standing policy that prohibits third-party solicitation and distribution at our stores nationwide. To provide a distraction-free shopping environment for guests, we prohibit solicitation and petitioning at our stores regardless of the cause being represented to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Our policy
Target restricts the use of its parking lots and facilities to business use only. Individuals not employed by Target or by a vendor providing services to Target are prohibited from soliciting, distributing literature, selling merchandise or holding events at all times anywhere on Target-owned property or leased property when Target has a right to exclude, including parking lots and sidewalks.

How we enforce our policy
Some state laws protect limited forms of expressive activity in the common areas of large regional shopping centers. These protections generally do not apply to solicitation at or in front of Target stores, even if a store is located in a large regional shopping center. Additionally, to ensure a distraction-free shopping experience in our stores, we take the following steps:
  • We ask solicitors and petitioners to respect our policy by ceasing their activities and leaving our property. However, often they refuse to comply. 
  • We partner with local law enforcement agencies to assist us in having unwanted solicitors and petitioners removed from our property. 
  • In certain circumstances, we file lawsuits to obtain court orders prohibiting solicitors from returning. This is not a quick process and may not result in the immediate removal of unwanted disturbances.

What you can do
Target firmly believes that our guests should enjoy a distraction-free shopping experience in our stores. If you feel harassed or bothered by a solicitor or petitioner outside a Target store, please alert a store team member. We appreciate your patience and patronage as we continue to do everything we can to provide you with a respectful, distraction-free shopping experience.

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Based on Target's commitment to maintaining a distraction-free shopping experience for our guests, we do not allow Salvation Army bell ringers outside our store nationwide. However, Target proudly supports The Salvation Army, which serves more than 30 million people across the United States each year. Some of our year-round efforts include grants to local chapters, volunteerism and in-kind donations to help those who need it most. Target also partners with The Salvation Army to support its disaster relief efforts in communities across the country.

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