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Target app: Go to My Target tab and tap the Target Circle section. Sign into your Target account and select Target Circle in the top right corner.

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  1. Once you Sign in or create an account, you’ll enter your phone number into the site.
    • If you already have a number tied to your Target Circle profile, a green bar will display across the top of your mobile screen indicating this. Select Click here to update to review and change the number, if needed.
  2. The website will send you a 6-digit verification code to your mobile phone.
  3. You’ll need to enter that 6-digit verification code in to the website to complete verification.
  4. You’ll get a success message after verification letting you know that your mobile phone number has been verified and you are ready to redeem your Target Circle earnings.
  5. You can also add your mobile phone number in the Target app, on your Account page.

Target App: Phone Number is found under the My Target tab. Select the Settings gear in the upper right corner, and then select Profile, then Mobile number. Phone Number is found under Account, then select the Settings gear, and then select Contact Preferences.

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Target App
  • Your barcode is in the Wallet tab on the Target app. Tap Show my barcode to access it. The barcode can be used for Target Circle identification and potential payment. 

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Free Promotional Target GiftCards are sent when the qualifying purchase item ships or is picked up. Target orders including a free promotional Target GiftCard for qualifying items are now automatically saved to your account. While the promotional gift card should automatically load to your account, we'll also send you the GiftCard number and access code by email as a backup.

Promotional items won’t ship until after the qualifying purchase ships. Promotional items for qualifying Order Pickup or Drive Up purchases will ship 5-7 days after the qualifying purchase is picked up. 

If the qualifying purchase item was canceled for any reason, the promotional item will also be canceled. Keep in mind, if we’re unable to fulfill the order due to the popularity of the promotion it’s possible that the item may be canceled.

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  • Use the barcode scanner in the Target app to scan your receipt up to 14 days after the transaction. The barcode scanner icon is located in the search bar at the top of the Discover tab.
  • If your receipt won't scan, you can manually enter your receipt number up to 14 days after your transaction. In the app, select Enter receipt number button found by going to My Target, selecting Target Circle and then select How it Works. You can also go to and in the How it Works box, select Enter your Receipt.
  • If you are still having trouble, call 1-800-204-7704 and one of our team members will help. Be sure to call within 14 days of your transaction.

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If your Target Circle earnings aren't accruing, review these troubleshooting steps:

Are you signed in?
  • Make sure you are signed in with the same account or sign in type. For example, if you have more than one account, make sure you've signed in to the correct one.
  • You can check what account type you are currently signed in with by going to Account > Profile.

Has it been more than 30 minutes since your transaction was completed?
  • Accrual of earnings can take up to 30 minutes to register in the app after a transaction is completed.
  • Completed for an online order means: Shipped, available for Pick Up, or Shipt shopper has checked out at store.

Have you checked earning exclusions for Target Circle? 

Have you fully enrolled in Target Circle?
  • As of September 28, 2023, if you have only provided a mobile telephone number, but have not completed your enrollment as a Target Circle member by providing your first and last name and your email address to associate with your account, then you will no longer be eligible to earn any new Target Circle Earnings rewards; any Target Circle Earnings rewards accumulated prior to September 28, 2023 will remain available for redemption (subject to the one-year expiration timeframe) if you complete your enrollment. 

Did you use your RedCard to pay for the transaction?
  • If paying with a plastic RedCard to accrue earnings (not using Wallet in the Target app), visit and ensure the RedCard you are using has been associated with your Target Circle account. Keep in mind that qualifying purchases made with a RedCard earn votes but do not earn 1% Target Circle earnings. 

Did you enter a mobile number to earn for your transaction?
  • Confirm your phone number is tied to your Target Circle account. You can find it under Account in both and the Target app. You must add a phone number and verify it via SMS code in order to tie it to your profile.  
  • Confirm that the number you are entering is the same number that is tied to your Target Circle account. If not, there may be two different numbers (and therefore accounts) being used to earn Circle benefits. 
  • On App: Phone Number is found under My Target > Settings gear in upper righthand corner > Profile >Mobile number 
  • On Web: Phone Number is found under Account > Settings > Contact Preferences 
  • Follow the banner link to update the number as needed and re-enroll and verify your new mobile number. 
  • Is the number you are entering able to receive SMS/text messages? If not, you’ll need to enroll with a mobile number that can accept SMS/text messages.  

If you are still having trouble completing your enrollment and validation, or if you have two Target Circle accounts (using a number not tied to their Circle account) please visit to complete and correct enrollment.

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If items that earned Target Circle earnings rewards, inclusive of completing a Target Circle Bonus offer, are returned, the associated Target Circle earnings rewards may be removed from your Target Circle earnings rewards balance. If you have already redeemed Target Circle earnings rewards on the returned items, Target reserves the right to take your Target Circle earnings rewards to a negative balance (i.e. a balance of less than zero in your Target Circle account). In such event you will not have redeemable Target Circle earnings rewards until the balance is greater than zero.

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If there's an issue with your Target Circle account, please contact Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869.

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