Can I recycle items at a Target store?

Can I recycle items at a Target store?

Target stores have a guest recycling station located in the front of each store. The station is available for bottle and can recycling (aluminum, glass and plastic beverage containers), plastic film (high and low density such as plastic bags and bubble wrap), and small device electronics recycling (think MP3 players, GPS devices and ink cartridges). 

Cans, bottles and glass are taken back to distribution centers in trucks already making trips, and recycled at local recyclers. We don't add additional fuel or energy consumption as part of this program.

Plastic bags and plastic film are sold to multiple vendors who recycle and reuse the material. Through our engagement and commitment with external partners, we are continuously challenging the program with a circular mindset to convert plastic bags and plastic film into products.

Electronics waste (e.g., mobile phones, small electronic devices, media devices and ink cartridges) is collected by Target’s vendor who resells some product for reuse or refurbishing and recycles the rest. Anything that can't be reused is recycled by certified companies that maximize the recovery of the materials. Additionally, we assure you that all personal data is wiped from all devices or the device is destroyed so data is unrecoverable and our vendor provides proof of data destruction.

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