What is universal registry?

What is universal registry?

The universal registry feature allows registrants to add items from other non-Target sites to their Target registry. To use this feature, registrants add the universal registry bookmark to their browser. Then, when they find a product they want on a 3rd party website, they can select the universal registry bookmark to add that product to their Target registry.
  • Universal registry isn’t currently supported on mobile browsers.
  • The universal registry bookmark is only supported by Safari, Chrome and Firefox web browsers.

To set up the universal registry bookmark on Target.com:
  1. Sign in to your Target account.
  2. Visit the Registry page and select your registry.
  3. In the Offers & benefits section on your registry’s Home page, find Universal registry.
  4. Select See how it works.
  5. Select and drag the +Target Registry button to your bookmark bar.
  • If your bookmark bar isn’t visible, press [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[B]  for Windows or [Command]+[Shift}+[B] for Mac.
  1. When you find something you like on another retailer’s site, select the +Target Registry button on your bookmark bar to add the item to your Target registry.

If a Target registry includes a universal registry item, a note will indicate the original retailer. Gift givers can select View/Buy next to the item, and they’ll be directed to the site where the item is available for purchase. Universal registry items will not automatically be updated as purchased on the Target registry. To mark the item as purchased, select Mark as purchased next to the item on the Target registry. Items purchased from other retailers using universal registry cannot be returned at Target. Please review the original retailer's return policy.

Universal registry is not designed to be used on items sold by Target, including Target Plus™ Partner items.

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